Our qualifications and tools

Our tools for inspection / advice ensure you the best possible solution


Frosio trained painter inspector

Our inspectors are FROSIO and NACE trained.


If you use a FROSIO or NACE certified paint inspector, you ensure the optimal surface treatment on all items, which gives the maximum service life.

Our drones

With our state-of-the-art drones, we can carry out inspections in almost every conceivable place - both above and below the water surface.

With our underwater inspection before yesterday at the dock, you can be much more prepared in terms of time and finances.

Underwater drone

Choosing an underwater drone can save a lot of money compared to a diver, which is often more manpower intensive. It is also a better solution in terms of security.

Flying Drone

Den flyvende drone har en meget større mobilitet, end tidligere mulige løsninger.

Do you want to know more?

We are always ready to advise you. 


At Coating Inspection, we have the tools and technology to analyze assaults and thus we can give you the best treatment.


The coating industry is constantly changing. New developments and new products are constantly entering the market. Think of Coating Inspection as being a guide and helping hand in this market.